Way to Wellness Club

Way to Wellness Club  

Now is the time to take charge and make an investment in achieving

optimal health and wellness!

The Way To Wellness Group gets together on a regular basis to learn about what may be putting our health at risk and how to maximize physical, mental and social well-being. We explore the four pillars of wellness: diet, exercise, stress, and sleep and how we can empower ourselves to achieve a greater sense of well being.  

We want this to be fun, as well as educational. Learning together, we can support each other in our healthy lifestyle journey.

Please come and join us for one of our “Way to Wellness Group” meetings at the St. James Community Center on the fourth Monday of every month at 10:00AM



Alicia Corlew (RN BA); Certified Bioset Practitioner

(910) 454-8015   waytowellness@gmail.com

 Donna Bacchi (MD MPH)

(910) 454-8015   waytowellness@gmail.com