Welcome to QuickPass!

QuickPass (QP) is the fully integrated Gate Access and Security System used by St. James Plantation.

The main components of QP are:

  • RFID (radio frequency identification device) system that enables you to quickly and efficiently access St. James though the automated gates
  • Visitor management website and mobile app with access 24x7
  • Camera monitoring at all gates including the beach club

Click here to review the St. James Plantation QuickPass RFID Board Approved Policy and here to access the QuickPass site.


Getting Started 

How to Request an RFID for your Vehicle

Temporary Handheld 

QuickPass Mobile App 


QuickPass Website

A.      Login and Password

B.      Adding Visitors via the QP website

C.      Optional Visitor Management Features

D.      Purchased a New Vehicle

E.      Sold a Vehicle

F.       Changed License Plates

 Quick Text Feature