POA Ponds Committee

Ponds Committee Members

Steve Brocker, Ponds Chairman,  Health & Beauty, Fishing & Recreation, Communications (Chair)

Dale Christensen Fishing & Recreation, Communications

Ron Gugliotti, Health & Beauty

Bob LeachHealth & Beauty Chair, Communications

Bob MalangaHealth & Beauty, Fishing & Recreation

Tom MilnerHealth & Beauty, Fishing & Recreation (Chair)

Ralph O'Brien, Communications

Garrett VanKoughnettHealth & Beauty, Fishing & Recreation

Joe WersoskyHealth & Beauty

Charlie WoodFishing & Recreation, Communications

Bob Feldman, Finance Liaison

Jim Lavin, Board Liaison



The Ponds Committee works to enhance and maintain the health, beauty and recreational usage of the St. James Plantation ponds for the enjoyment of its residents. The committee will also collaborate with the community on pond-related issues and education.

St. James Pond Guidelines

Click here to view the recommended Pond Guidelines for 2019.


Meetings are held the second Friday of each month.


The Ponds Committee was formed by the St. James POA Board in September 2014.  It is comprised of ten volunteer homeowner members with an interest in helping to manage the health and beauty as well as the fishing and recreational opportunities of the POA-owned ponds throughout St. James Plantation.


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