POA Committees

The POA Board of Directors is supported by 13 standing committees. The committees are largely comprised of property owner volunteers and Board Liaison members. The Architectural Control Committee membership includes two POA staff members as well as one member from St. James Properties, our developer. Openings on the committees are announced via the blast email system or in our monthly magazine, Cat-Tales. 

Logged in members may click on the committee titles below for more information about each committee including contact information for committee members and relevant documents and reports.


POA Committees and Their Missions


• Activities

The Activities Committee’s purpose is social and exists to help members of the community of St. James become better acquainted with each other and with the community.


 Architectural Control 

Reviews site plans, exterior building and landscaping plans in order to preserve harmonious and aesthetically pleasing designs in St. James Plantation.



Responsible for all forms of communications between the POA and the property owners. Venues include: Cat-Tales magazine; What's Up St. James? the weekly newsletter; the POA website, and broadcast e-mails.


• Community Garden 

The Community Garden Committee is responsible for establishing and enforcing the guidelines of the Community Gardens, maintaining the garden roster and managing the Community Garden budget.



Works with the POA Community Manager to develop the annual POA Budget for submission to the POA Board.Advises the POA Board on all matters that may have financial impact on the POA. Reviews all major requests for proposal as well as all large bids and proposed contracts and makes recommendations to the Board, as appropriate. Works with the POA Community Manager to monitor POA performance to Budget and recommends changes as needed to maintain proper adherence to the overall budget.One Finance Committee Member serves as liaison to the Infrastructure, Security, and Landscape Committees.


 Information Technology

 The Information Technology Committee's role is to plan and oversee all technology and systems-related programs and equipment that are within the St. James Plantation Property Owners' Association purview and work with other committees in utilizing the POA systems.



The Infrastructure Committee's mission is to provide the SJPOA Board with guidance, counsel and implementation services with cost effective management of SJPOA assets and amenities.



The Investments Committee’s mission is to maintain the purchasing power of the current assets to maintain the level of services and programs in relation to inflation within reasonable and prudent levels of risk; to maintain an appropriate asset allocation based on a total return policy that is compatible with a flexible spending policy;, and, to ensure that investment maturities provide availability of assets for the coming year reserve requirements.



To continue the ongoing efforts to beautify, maintain and extend the common areas and green space within St. James Plantation as well as promote community involvement through initiatives such as the Neighborhood Landscape Groups and Earth Day. Address homeowner concerns in a timely and equitable fashion and work in concert with POA Committees and other St. James organizations to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for all residents. Reporting into the POA Board we will use economically sound methods to continue making the best possible decisions concerning our overall goals.



Identifies candidates for any open POA board position(s) in preparation for the annual meeting in October; counts all the votes for each candidate, whether by written or electronic ballot, and announces the winner(s) at the annual meeting.



Works to enhance and maintain the health, beauty and recreational usage of the St. James Plantation ponds for the enjoyment of its residents. The committee also collaborates with the community on pond-related issues and education.


• Safety and Security

Works with the Board, POA Administrator and the security contractor to identify and make recommendations for any items affecting safety and security in St. James.


• Transition

Insures that the requirements of the Working Plan for the transition of the St. James Property Owners' Association, Inc. (the "POA) from one controlled by the Developer to one controlled by the POA members is fulfilled. Specifically, the Committee insures that all documents and permits are in order and up-to-date, and all infrastructure is in good condition prior to receiving notification from the Developer that such transfer will begin.