St. James Plantation POA Board of Directors

 St. James Plantation

Property Owners' Association 

Elected Board of Directors  

Jerry Iverson, President - Term Ends 2022

Michael Farage, Vice President - Term Ends 2021 


Jim Lavin, Treasurer - Term Ends 2022

Bill Lendh, Secretary - Term Ends 2023

John McGorry, Director-at-Large - Term Ends 2021

Jeff Toner, Director-at-LargeTerm Ends 2023





The St. James Plantation Property Owners' Association (POA) was established to provide for the operations, maintenance and preservation of Common Areas and architectural control of homes and other structures.

POA Document Library here. (Governing Documents, Open Informational Meeting Notes, Board Meeting Minutes and Annual Meeting Presentations)


The POA Board currently has six representatives elected by the property owners and seven members appointed by the Developer. Developer control of the POA will continue until certain conditions as specified in the "Master Declaration” are met.

St. James Plantation is unique in that there is a large portion of common properties that have already been turned over to the Property Owners' Association; it is also an incorporated Town; and we also have a very active developer.  The Town's limits extend outside St. James Plantation.  So, if you get a little confused about who does what, we have tried to clarify the information in each section.  But if you still need clarification, just call the POA office.



  • The POA Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. 

  • The Board meeting is open to all property owners in January, May,  August, and November. Meeting notices are sent in advance.

  • The POA holds an open Informational Meeting on the third Thursday in February, April, and July at the Community Center at 4:00 PM.  Meeting notices are sent in advance.

  • The annual meeting of the Association takes place in October of each year. Meeting notices are sent in advance.

POA Open Informational Meeting Notes, Board Meeting Minutes and Annual Meeting Presentations are available here property owners. 


How We Communicate...

Read about our POA publications and how we communicate with property owners here.


The POA has the following general responsibilities as outlined in the "Articles of Amendment” filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State on December 17, 1998 and the Amended and Restated Charter filed with the Secretary of State on June 28, 1991.

  • Establish reasonable rules and regulations governing the use of Common Properties.
  • Levy and collect assessments to defray the common expenses of the Association.
  • Construct, maintain and replace common properties.
  • Contract for the management of the St. James Property Owners’ Association.
  • To acquire, own, hold and improve, convey, sell, lease transfer, dedicate for public use, or dispose of real and personal property in connection with the affairs of the Association.
  • To enforce the provisions of the Declaration and other rules and regulations including but not limited to the Architectural Control Guidelines.

Specific Services Provided by the POA include:

  • Operation and maintenance of all landscaping and other flora, structures, and improvements situated on the Common Properties and the private streets within the development.

  • Security and traffic control.

  • Lighting of entrances, boardwalks, sidewalks, and walking paths

  • Insect and pest control, in supplement to State or other governmental activities.

  • Operations and maintenance of the St. James Beach Club, the Dog Parks,Waterway Park and the Woodlands Park area and the picnic Pavilions at Waterway Park and Woodlands Park.

  • Operation of the following committees: Architectural Control, Communications, Finance, Infrastructure, Landscaping, Nominating, Safety and Security.

  • Operation and maintenance of the Library building.

  • Levying and collection of assessments and fees

  • Development and administration of an annual budget and five year plan.

  • Enforcement of POA Covenants, Rules and Policies. Water, sewer and trash pickup services are provided by Brunswick County.

  • Administration of the Architectural Control Committee.

  • Conduct annual meeting for Property Owners and elections for the Property Owner members of the Board of Directors.