Groups and Activities Around St. James

Who Knew There Is So Much To Do!

The residents of St. James Plantation have many choices available to fit the type of lifestyle they wish to pursue.  Of course, there are many organizations to join if you are into golfing, tennis, swimming, working out, hiking, bike riding, walking, and on and on.  There are also great opportunities to participate in organized clubs and activities.  The list is endless.  If you don't see one, or no one knows about one, you can start your own.  Before you know it, you might have dozens of people who were happy you did.

It is nearly impossible to keep up with all of the organizations, but our website provides a link to several of the organizations who have a web presence right now

If you are a property owner in St. James, you can sign in to this website and search our membership's profiles to see if there are others with your same interests.  If a property owner has indicated their interest in a particular activity (running, hiking, basket weaving, painting, etc.) in their personal member profile, you will be able to connect with them. 

Below are videos on highlighting some of the Groups and Activities here in St. James.

SJ Jive Song by Rick Margin, 4 min., Dec. 2016

SJ Scrapbooking, 2.33 min, Nov. 2016

SJ Service Club, 2 min., Nov. 2016

SJ POA 25th Anniversary Bash, 3.77 min., Oct. 2016

SJ Tappers, 2.25 min, Sep. 2016

SJ Artisans, 2.5 min, Jul. 2016

Mahjong   2.75 min. Mar. 2016

Garden Club at St. James  2.5 min. Dec 2015

Ping Pong  2 min. - Dec. 2015

Biking Club 1.5 min. Oct. 2015

Sailboats 2 min Aug. 2015

SJP overview (focus on community/activities) 8 min. Aug 2015

Kayaking (social and fishing) + Kayak launch (at Waterways) 3 min. Aug 2014

Oyster Reef Project with UNCW 3 min. Jul 2014

Marina 2.75 min. Jun 2014

Oak Island -St. James  Beach house 1.5 min. May 2014 


The Activities Committee

The POA Activities Committee organizes social activities so that you can become better acquainted with each other and your community. Committee members generally plan one social event per month. The event might be "Dinner for 5/6”, a night at the theater, a dance, bowling, etc. 

Other Groups in St. James

Browse through the Clubs / Groups section of this website to learn about some of the many of the other organized activities in St. James.

External Clubs Information

Brunswick Newcomers Club

The Brunswick Newcomers Club is a social organization whose primary purpose is to help newcomers settle into the community and provide opportunities for social interaction through various activities. They meet the third Wednesday of the Month.  Go to their website for more information.


Southport Woman's Club

The Southport Woman's Club - Serving our community through various programs  that promote education and literacy, encourage civic involvement, introduce cultural awareness, and address social issues that affect our community.

The Sea Notes Choral Society

The Sea Notes provides an opportunity for people who enjoy choral singing to get together. Auditions are not required.  The chorus presents three concerts a year in Southport and the surrounding communities.