Website Policy

St. James POA Website Policy

3.1 SJP POA Website The Communications Committee oversees the accuracy of the website’s information and works closely with the Information Technology Committee which supports the IT systems and databases.

3.1.1 Website Information. The website may be used to access the following information. Some information is available to the public, and some require validated access through a user name and password. Other information is restricted to specific POA Board, committee and staff members.

 Archives for the communications venues – Cat-Tales, WUSJ e-newsletter, POA OIM presentations, blast emails

 Community Calendar

 Community Bulletin Board

 POA Board news and meeting reports

 Links to the other key community organizations’ websites – TOSJ, SJFD, St. James Properties LLC and The Clubs at St. James

 POA documents and forms library  POA Board, committees and staff members and information  St. James clubs, groups, and activities that benefit the club/group members

 Community amenities and reservation information

 Services, such as QuickPass  Directory of property owners (restricted)

 Local area interests (Brunswick County, Southport) (links to websites)

 Nonprofit organizations (links to websites)

 Newcomer information such as the “Guide to Living in St. James”

 Other items of general interest.

3.1.2 Editorial and Content Authority. The Communications Committee will have editorial and content oversight of the POA website, Cat-Tales and WUSJ, subject to this POA Communications Policy. Committee members, POA staff or designees will review in advance information to be posted to these communications venues.

3.1.3 Unauthorized Use. User names and passwords to access certain pages of the website and user profiles are provided to property owners as a benefit of their POA membership. The user names and passwords remain the sole and exclusive property of the POA. The members agree to maintain their respective user names and passwords as private and confidential information. Any unauthorized use of the user names, passwords or website is strictly prohibited. If a POA member needs a user name and password, or needs assistance in logging into the website, he should call the POA office or send an email request via the homepage link “Contact POA.”

3.1.4 Posted Information. A POA member requesting website posting represents and warrants to the POA that such member will not post or request a posting of any information that infringes on the trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any other person or entity. The member requesting such posting agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the POA from all costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by the POA related to or arising from any breach of this representation and warranty.

3.1.5 Website Privacy Policy. The website follows the POA’s privacy policy that describes how all personal and confidential information posted on restricted areas of the POA website will be treated. If changes are made to this policy, the POA will post the changes online and notify members. The POA will share POA website’s operational and member information with government authorities when legally required to do so, and may cooperate with these authorities investigating claims of illegal activity such as (but not limited to) illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, or postings or email containing threats of violence. Except under the limited circumstances described above, the POA does not disclose website information to third parties. No POA member shall provide access to the online directory of residents or database of all property owners to any unauthorized party for any reason whatsoever.

3.1.6 Website Security. No computer system is safe from intrusion. Website information and/or email may pass through many computer systems, and should not be considered a secure means of communication unless encrypted. Even then, information is only as secure as the encryption method. Therefore, although the POA takes precautions to protect the information technology systems servers, it cannot guarantee the security of any data on any server, including “secure servers.”

3.1.7 Links and Cookies. The POA may provide links on the POA website to other websites of interest to POA members, which are owned, operated and/or maintained by third parties. Persons or companies who own/operate such websites may use cookie technology. We do not control the use of cookies by such linked websites. Cookies are files written to a user's hard disk and read by server programs to inform a website if the user has previously visited that site.

3.1.8 Copyright and Service Mark Notice. This website is maintained for the POA Board, committee and staff members as well as the SJP property owners and residents. Unauthorized copying or reproduction is prohibited. Information on this website may not be used for commercial purposes. The St. James Plantation name is a service mark of the developer and used under license. The names and logos of the Clubs and the Marina at St. James Plantation are service marks of the respective entities. Unauthorized use of any such service mark is prohibited.