Great Backyard Bird Count
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 Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) February  14-17, 2020

The St. James Birders ask every member to submit a feeder count from their own yards. 

  • Count February 14, 15, 16, and 17.  You can tally all four days or less--much different than the Christmas Bird Count.

  • Count birds in your yards for at least 15-minutes at a time.

  • Enter your count through:                                                                          1) your personal eBird account  or                                                                        2) email your results using this email link to and we will enter your count through the Club eBird account

  • If you used your eBird account, let us know  at ( that you participated and how many days you counted for our 'Club stats'.

  2019 Results below

February 15:  Hugh Shaw leads this walk. Join him for the morning or afternoon. Meet at Seaside Fitness Center and then carpool to Oak Island for some shorebirds before coming back to St. James. 

February 16: Ann Orsillo will lead this walk. Start at Waterway Park.  More details here.

  • Tally for Saturday, February 16 Walk


February 17:  Join Jack Eyler for our first ever bird count on a St. James golf course.  Meet at Founders Club parking lot and do the back nine holes.   This walk is closed out.


February 18Birding at home!  Count at those feeders and enter into eBird or email to submit your totals.