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Save These Dates

Save the third Thursdays each month from September through May

Thursday, May 21: TBD
June through August:
Field trips and Cape Fear Audubon speakers


MEETINGS March, April 2020 canceled due to CoVid

MEETING, February 2020: Becky Skiba, NC Wildlife Resources 'Feeding Wildlife in our Yards'

MEETING, January 16, 2020: Kim Brand, NC Audubon 'History of NC Audubon'

MEETING, November 2019 :  Jill Peleuses, Wild Bird and Gardens, 'Migration Fall'

MEETING, October 17, 2019: Roger Shew, UNCW

MEETING, September 19, 2019:  Becky Skiba, NC Wildlife Resources: 'Bats and Flying Squirrels-the other flyers’

MEETING, April 11, 2019: Nate Swick, eBird 101

MEETING,  March 21, 2019:  'Mystery and Majesty of our Birds of Prey' with Becky Skiba, NC Wildlife Resources

MEETING, February 21, 2019: 'Backyard Birding' ,Jill Peleuses 

MEETING, January 17 2019: Dr. Raymond Danner, UNCW 'Effects of Heat and Cold on Coastal NC Birds'

MEETING, December 2018: Jack Eyler, 'Birds from Around the World'

MEETING, November 2018: Susan Campbell, Hummingbirds in NC (Info here)

MEETING, October: 2018 NC Wildlife Resources, Turkeys in NC

MEETING, May 2018: John Sutton, Shorebirds Photos and ID

MEETING, April 2018: Kim Brand, NC Audubon, Kim is back and will show the movie about her trip and the Wood Thrush and give us updates on progress.

MEETING, March 2018: Lindsay Addison, Shorebirds and the Bird Islands of the Cape Fear River.

MEETING, February 2018:  John Sutton, Cape Fear Audubon backyard Birds

MEETING: January ,2018, Roger Shew, UNCW, Treasures of Brunswick County

MEETING: November 4, 2017, Amy Eldredge, Bald Head Island Conservancy

MEETING: October 19, 2017, Jack Eyler, Photographing Birds

MEETING: September 19, 2017, Kim Brand, NC Audubon

MEETING: April 26, 2017, Jill Peleuses

MEETING: March 20, 2017 Bluebird, Nuthatch, and Woodpecker Nesting Box Program Focus Group Committee for ‘Promoting Birds in St. James’

Chair: Ann Orsillo

Committee: Wayne Moody, Cheryl Manger, Amanda Kiel, Kathleen Bowman, Tom Armstrong, Mary Lynn Meissner, Pat MacPherson, Dee Thomsen, Joanne Parker, and Harvey Lindenbaum, Jack and Linda Eyler.

In the interest of promoting a healthy bird population in St. James, The St. James Birding Group proposes a unique program to expand the habitat for Bluebirds, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers. Nesting birds are valuable indicators regarding the quality of the environment that both birds and humans enjoy or endure.

By constructing and installing specially designed birdhouses for these three birds and monitoring their usage, the Birders hope to encourage and increase their populations.   Appropriate sites will be selected that accommodate each bird’s preferences for nesting.  Funds will be raised by the group to purchase the materials and once installed, the nesting boxes will be monitored and maintained.

The St. James Birders will also educate the community about the nesting program and encourage homeowners to make their property a better habitat for birds by using native plants and installing their own nesting boxes.